“Want to Hear Something Really Scary? Zombies Are Real” Or at Least Could Be

Read the whole thing at the Center website here. Jules Zacher, a member of the Council for a Livable World's Board of Director, and I wrote a haunting special to OpEdNews that ran yesterday on the threat posed to humanity by biological weapons. Here's an excerpt:  
The idea of a globe haunted by undead creatures grossed the movie more [Resident Evil: Retribution] than $21 million in its opening weekend. Something about the idea of zombies terrifies us and also makes us want to spend $15 for a movie ticket. But, what if the threat of human extinction from a manufactured disease was real?"
The piece also advocated for the development of an international biological verification program. "The most haunting point is that despite nearly a century of universal abhorrence, there is no way to catch cheaters pursuing weapons with the capacity to kill thousands or more."