Quote of the Day: Opportunities Edition

SEN. LEVIN: Thank you, General.
The 2010 Nuclear Posture Review called out for studying additional reductions in nuclear weapons. Do you think it is possible to further reduce our nuclear weapons beyond the New START levels?
GEN. KEHLER: Mr. Chairman, I think there are opportunities to reduce further, but I think that there are factors that bear on that ultimate outcome. And rather than get into those, which I don't think would be appropriate, I would just simply say I do think there are opportunities here, but recognizing that there are some factors that bear on this.
I would also mention it is never our view that we start with numbers. We start with an assessment of the situation we find ourselves in, the strategy, our objectives, et cetera, and ultimately then you get to numbers.
STRATCOM Commander Gen. Robert Kehler, March 27, 2012.