Democratic Senators Stand up for the Iran Deal in Response to GOP Threats

September 17 marked the end of the Congressional review period established by the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015. After four votes in the Senate and three votes in the House, the nuclear agreement between the United States, its negotiating partners, and Iran will move into the implementation phase. However, the dust remains unsettled.

Iran Nuclear Negotiations go into Overtime:

The United States, its international partners, and Iran are continuing to negotiate a comprehensive final deal to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The June 30th deadline has come and gone, but all sides remain committed to reaching a final deal.

HBO’s Newest Satire Brink Hits Close to Home

Somewhere between Veep’s hilarious satire of Washington politics and Homeland’s gripping intrigue of counter-terrorist intelligence, HBO brings us its newest geopolitical “dramedy”: Brink. While we would hope events in this show to be reserved to fantasy, in fact, Brink’s pilot episode hits almost too close to home.